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Establish yourself professionally!

Especially for new and upcoming talents, creating a website on your name shows that you exist and are here to stay, No kidding around!


Best way to show your creations!

In this new age, with the flipkarts and amazons selling more books online than their offline competitors, showing your creations online, that too on the website on your own name, is the need of the hour!


One website, So many advantages

List your books, give a few excerpts, talk about the upcoming launches, put up awards, etc. All this is possible only on your website.

Create a drama!

Upcoming launch of a new book? Create a drama around it by publishing its details, running contests, giving media an information base, base for customers to get to know you better, publish online links for pre-purchase of the book, put up reviews of renowed critics, etc.


Why do i need a website on my name?

For many years, authors, journalists, writers and other personalities have used professional websites to boost their profiles and provide a medium to showcase their careers. Having a website conveys a message that you care about your professional image. Relevant and up-to-date content shows that you put thought and time into your job.

For every author, journalists or writer, having a personal website is a must. If you want to be known and establish a reputable name in the industry, you have to let them know you exist, which can be done through establishing a unique website on your name. On your website, you can list all the books you have written, give a few excerpts from your books, Upcoming launches, etc. To build your reputation as a writer or a journalist, you can highlight your awards and achievements. You may also give online access to your blog. If you have featured your book anywhere online, you can also link the website on your website. The opportunities of having a website are endless .


Plans & Pricing

  • We will develop for you.
  • 250 MB Web Space
  • 1 Email id with 30 GB Space
  • Template Choice, 1 Iteration
  • HTML Website Only
  • Linkedin, G+
  • Once in 12 months
  • Renew @ Rs. 400/mo.
  • 10% OFF on renewal
  • We will develop for you.
  • Only with CMS Option
  • 250 MB Web Space
  • 1 Email id with 30 GB Space
  • Template Choice, 2 Iteration
  • HTML or CMS Website
  • FB, Linkedin, Twitter, G+
  • Once in 6 months
  • + Rs. 2,000/- for CMS
  • Profession domain @ actual
  • Renew @ Rs. 550/mo.
  • 25% OFF on renewal
  • We will develop for you.
  • 500 MB Web Space
  • 1 Email id with 30 GB Space
  • Template Choice, 3 Iteration
  • CMS Only
  • Linkedin, FB, Twitter, G+
  • Once in 3 months
  • Profession domain @ actual
  • Renew @ Rs. 700/mo.
  • 50% OFF on renewal

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